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Harry Potter RPG

The 6th Year

A Harry Potter RPG community
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This community is based on Harry's 6th year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. In this community there are a couple of rules that you MUST follow!


01. This is a mature roleplaying community. Don't type in sTiCkY cApS or in 1337. It's just uncool.
02. In order to stay active, you must post in your journal every week. If not, I'll kick you out. I'm not scared to do so.
03. Also, you must post in the main community a thread that becomes active. Every week, as well. If not, you'll be sent a warning. If you do not respond to that warning within 3 days, you will be kicked from the game.
04. OOC Comments will be placed in brackets as such, I don't care what kind of brackets you use, but use some brackets of some sort.
05. The journal is for the characters personal thoughts. Place all private entries under an Lj-cut. (< lj-cut text="blah blah blah" > Blah blah blah. < /lj-cut > Just remove the spaces.)
06. Please restrict all entries to friends only. This stops random people from commenting in your journal. When you e-mail your application, type "Juicy fruit" in the title.
07. E-mail or IM people! Plots just aren't going to show up on their own.
08. Slash and Het are allowed. Please keep in mind the age of your character. If he's a second year, he's not going to be having sex. Let alone have a sex drive.
09. Use ratings when rating your RPG. Also, when posting use a "Who, where, when." Just so we know. ALSO! This RPG sucks and you should join Hogwart__rpg TWO UNDERSCORES! It's a rule... so do it now.
10. PM a mod when you're quitting. Don't just quit, it's rude.
11. RESPECT THE MODS. It's their decision in the end, please, respect that.


x. Name:
x. Location:
x. Age:
x. Character you wish to play:
x. What you wish to add to your character:
x. Sample Journal Entry:
x. Sample RP:

Please email this to Blair or Kat at blairifari@hotmail.com or neurol0gist@hotmail.com.


[A] Alumni
[D] Dumbledore's Army
[Q] Quidditch player
[QC] Quidditch Captain
[M] Moderators character
[P] Prefect
[H] Head girl and head boy
[NH] No house given
[NG] No gender given
[NY] No year given
[NF] No first name given
[1] First year
[2] Second years
[3] Third years
[4] Fourth years
[5] Fifth years
[6] Sixth years
[7] Seventh years


Abbott, Hannah [6] [P] [D] [Q]
Benett, Samantha [7] [P]
Bones, Susan boneslegacy
Branstone, Eleanor [2]
Cauldwell, Owen [3]
Jones, Megan [6] [Q]
MacMillan, Ernie [6] [P] [D]
Madley, Laura [2]
Perks, Sally-Ann [6]
Stebbins [5] [P] [MALE]
Summers [7] [P] [MALE]
Whitby, Kevin [3]
Zeller, Rose [2]
Cadence Moon [6] [Q]
Zacharias Smith [6] [D] [Q]
Justin Finch-Fletchley [6] [Q]


Abercrombie, Euan [2]
Brown, Lavender [6] [D]
Creevey, Colin [5] [D]
Creevey, Dennis [3] [D]
Frobisher, Victoria [3]
Hooper, Geoffrey [3]
Johnson, Angelina [A]
Jordan, Lee [A]
Kirke, Andrew [3] [Q]
Longbottom, Neville [6] [D]
McDonald, Natalie [3]
Sloper, Jack [7] [Q]
Spinnet, Alicia [A]
Thomas, Dean [6]
Harry Potter [6] [QC] [D]
Hermione Granger [6] [P] [D] hermione_books
Ronald Weasley [6] [Q] [P] the6thweasley
Ginny Weasley [5] [Q] [P]
Katie Bell [7] [Q] [D]
Oliver Wood [A]
Seamus Finnigan [6] [Q] [D]
Patricia Stimpson [7] [P]
Parvati Patil [6] [D]
Kenneth Towler [7] [P]


Ackerly, Stuart [3]
Boot, Terry [6] [Q] [D]
Brocklehurst, Mandy [6] [Q]
Carmichael, Eddie [7] [Q]
Clearwater, Penelope [A]
Corner, Michael [6] [D] [Q]
Davies, Roger [A]
Quirke, Orla [2]
Vasquez, Johnny [5] [P] [Q]
Luna Lovegood [5]
Cho Chang [7] [Q] [D]
Jessica Fuentiz [7] [P]
Samara Fawcett [6]
Padma Patil [6] [P] [D]
Wayne Ashby [7] [H] [M]


Baddock, Malcolm [3]
Bletchley, Miles [A]
Bole [A] [NF] [MALE]
Capper, S. [5] [Q] [P] [NF]
Davis, Tracey [6]
Derrick [A] [NF]
Flint, Marcus [A]
Goyle, Gregory [6] [Q]
Greengrass, Daphne [6]
Harrison, Bellatrix [5] [P]
Montague [A] [MALE]
Draco Malfoy [6] [QC] [P] pissed_dragon
Pansy Parkinson [6] [P] [M]
Ivana LaRoche [7] [H] [M]
Blaise Zabini [6] inablaise
Adrian Pucey [7] [Q]
Cassius Warrington [A]
Jacob Dorny [7] [P] [Q]
Graham Pritchard [3] whoagraham
Cerra McCandry [7] [P] [M]
Vincent Crabbe [6] [Q] [M]
Baeddan Dunstan [6] [Q]
Theodore Nott [6] [Q]


Binns [History of Magic] [NF]
Filch, Argus [Caretaker]
Flitwick, Filius [Charms]
Hagrid, Rubeus [Care of Magical Creatures]
Hooch, Rolanda [Flying, Quidditch referee]
McGonagall, Minerva [Transfiguration]
Pince, Irma [Librarian]
Sinistra [Astronomy] [NF]
Sprout, Pomona [Herbology]
Trelawney, Sibyll [Divination]
Remus Lupin [Defense Against the Dark Arts]
Severus Snape [Potions]

Death Eaters

Avery [NF]
Crabbe [NF]
Dawlish [NF]
Goyle [NF]
Jugson [NF]
Macnair, Walden
Malfoy, Lucius
Mulciber [NF]
Nott [NF]
Pettigrew, Peter
Rookwood, Augustus
Travers [NF] [MALE]
Antonin Dolohov [M]
Rabastan Lestrange [M]
Bellatrix Black-Lestrange
Rodolphus Lestrange

Ministry of Magic

Basil [NF]
Bones, Amelia
Croaker [NF]
Diggory, Amos
Edgecombe, Madam
Hopkirk, Malfalda
MacFarlan, Hamish
Marchbanks, Griselda
Mockridge, Cuthbert
Peasgood, Arnold
Perkins [NF]
Whimple, Gilbert

Order of the Phoenix

Moody, Alastor "Mad-Eye"
Podmore, Sturgis
Shacklebot, Kingsley


Delacour, Fleur
Delacour, Gabrielle
Derek [4] [NH] [NF]
Dobbs, Emma [3] [NH]
Karkaroff, Igor
Krum, Viktor
Malfoy, Narcissa Black
Maxime, Olympe
Midgen, Eloise [5] [NH]
Skeeter, Rita
Weasley, George bludger_matic_g
Weasley, Fred